Project Booklet

How to Attract Tourists – Ecotourism handbook for rural handicraft entrepreneurs and actors of tourism

A practical guide and sophisticated promotion material 

with the aim of  distributing rural tourism development within the CARPATHIAN TOURISM project


You can download the book from the following link:

How to Attract Tourists Ecotourism handbook

Magyar nyelven a Turistacsalogató ökoturisztikai kézikönyv letölthető itt: 

Turistacsalogató Ökoturisztikai kézikönyv


This catalogue promotes the rural areas of the Visegrád Group countries, the tourism services and products of the project participants and partners.


Download the catalogue here: 

Places to Visit in Central Europe Carpathian Tourism Project Catalogue


Project Booklet

A practical guide and sophisticated promotion material to be released in January 2018

with the aim of  distributing rural tourism development within the CARPATHIAN TOURISM project

(“CooperAtion of touRism for building PATHways through developIng HANdicraft workshops for tourist and rural TOURISM suppliers” project, V4)


The services and products of the workshop participants as well as the natural and cultural heritage of the targeted project regions are crucial elements of the project strategy in terms of developing the Carpathian Region as a touristic destination in the coordinated frame of a sustainable tourism brand. The Project Booklet therefore aims to reach the above mentioned goals by combining the following two strategic contents addressing sustainable tourism undertakings and stakeholders of the targeted region as well as the relevant platforms and decision makers on the global tourism markets.

Practical Guide Content: The outcomes of the project regarding the marketing strategies and sustainable tourism related knowledge of the workshop participants will be documented and summarized in the Project Booklet. This way the findings of the workshop will not only be a valuable guide for our 60 workshop participants but also to all sustainable tourism suppliers and handcraft artists of the Carpathian Region. The Booklet will help distributing specific, valuable knowledge and skills among local tourism suppliers and stakeholders about the tourism market, the trends of in-bound tourism as well as effective product promotion: The practical guide will share in an understandable manner the following contents: The system of tourism as a sector, Alternative Tourism, The different types of tourism products, their specific terms, their structure, and classification in groups as well as their development; The typical tourism products of rural areas: village- or rural tourism, active tourism, ecotourism, Specific aspects of supply and demand in the ecotourism sector; The connections between ecotourism and other tourism products (for instance rural tourism, active tourism; The crucial role of local products in local economic development and the possibilities to utilize local products; Visual communication and global tourism trends, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, the benefits and disadvantages of Pay per Click campaigns as well as key word research, review management and customer satisfaction.

Promotional Content: The Carpathian Region as a tourism destination: This second element of the booklet will present the cultural and natural heritage of the project region on the international tourism market as well as in the networks of public and private stakeholders in the relevant sectors such as rural development and sustainable tourism development. The well designed booklet developed within the project will be promoted on several events such as the Madrid Tourism Festival 2018 or ITB Berlin 2018 and on the Conference of the Carpathian Convention Parties (COP) in October 2017. This well prepared promotion material will contain of visual and textual elements, presenting all the values of the Carpathian Region and making accessible all relevant information about the touristic infrastructure of the region to the relevant international tourism platforms.